Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yesterday afternoon I put Emily and Maddie down for a nap. Kory came home for just a few minutes and told Hunter he could run some errands with him. So with the boys out of the house and girls napping what was I to do....

In the hour of alone time I had I was able to sew the red straps onto the M&M, the velcro and cut the face and the letter M. Then the girls woke up and the boys came home. Over the next couple of hours I was able to finish the other 2 M&M's. These costumes are for Kory & I and Emily. The other kids didn't want to be M&M's. Now that I'm finished both Hunter and Maddie have changed their minds and want to be M&M's. So maybe on Halloween night we will be a family of M&M's. Emily woke up this morning as I was taking pictures of our costumes. The kids wanted Emily to try hers on. Despite the smile on her face she wasn't to pleased of being my model this morning.
I think she's going to make a pretty cute M&M.


Camille said...

sooo cute! You did a great job!! Those look boughten!! Wow, Tina- I must say I am really impressed! :)

The Schultz Family said...

Those are adorbale. Look at little Emily, she is really standing good! Oh I miss you all!!!