Monday, January 28, 2008

Count Your Blessings...

I have been meaning to go to Wal Mart for almost 3 weeks now. I have several things I need to get that I can only get from there. I've been babysitting almost everyday the past couple of weeks and I just wasn't going to take extra kids with me. Kory went to Safford this morning so I've been telling the kids since last week that we would go to Wal Mart this morning when daddy was gone. My kids love going to Wal Mart and playing with there toys.

The kids were so excited. I loaded everybody up, started the van, looked through my rear view mirror and saw my back window. It didn't registar at first but I new something wasn't quite right. I got out to go investigate and this is what I discovered.

Due to the rain we received yesterday when we got home from church we parked on the road so the van wouldn't get stuck in all the mud. I didn't find a rock or a ball or anything that could have broken the window. I'm assuming the strongs winds we had last night blew a tree branch into the back window???
I called our insurance company this morning and lucky for us we have 100% window coverage and a zero deductible. While talking to them I also mentioned the little chip we had in our windshield, that happened almost 2 years ago, (which I didn't mention). I was told that a new back window and a chip repair would be done tommorrow and to expect a phone call from a local repair shop. When the repair shop called he mentioned the chip and said because the van is an 02' he'll just replace the windshield and claim it was un repairable. I won't complain. I am most definetely counting my blessings this morning. This isn't going to cost us anything, it will be fixed tommorrow and he is coming to me.


Camille C. said...

oh man, that is a bummer!! At least you don't have to pay for it! That is totally awesome!