Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little Miss Piggy

Emily is almost 16months old. She is so much fun. She can often be heard saying mama and dada. She is finally starting to pick up on the sign language that we have been working with her on for so long it seems. She can sign thirsty, more, eat, cheese (her favorite), milk, cold, apple, candy, finished, shoes and ball all on a regular basis. We are still working on socks, cereal, crackers, dirty, juice, doll, thankyou, outside and tired.

I am so glad she has learned these signs that she uses daily. She is completely weened now and it seems this girl is always hungry. Instead of both of us getting frusturated not knowing what she wants, she uses some of her signs and we can usually figure it out quickly. Even daddy's getting the hang of it again. She is always signing eat cheese or eat apple. Sunday after church, not 20 minutes after she had eaten 2 bowls of rice, several green beans and 1/2 a cucumber she started signing she wanted to eat an apple. After eating 1/2 the apple by herself she came up to me and started whining. I asked her what she wanted and she signed, eat -more- apple. This was the 1st time she used 3 signs consecutively. It was almost a complete sentence. WOW! We need to teach her the sign for please.

This morning at breakfast she was chowing down on a bowl of fruit loops. When I was done with my cereal I left my bowl on the table and started to empty the dishwaher. She put some of her cereal in my bowl and was eating out of both bowls using both spoons. Hunter wasn't quite done with his cereal when he decided to use the bathroom. When he came back she had pulled his bowl towards her and was eating his Kellog's Mini Wheats that look like they had been super-sized.
After she tasted the mini wheats she refused to finish her fruit loops.

After Emily ate 3 of these super-sized mini wheats after she had finished off Hunter's cereal, I thought she'd be done. Maddie was feeling a little left out so she filled her empty bowl with Honey Combs and gave it to Emily. I didn't think Miss Piggy could eat anything else but she finished that bowl off too.


Anonymous said...

Tina, she is so adorable!! Girls are so fun! :)

Camille said...

Geesh, miss piggy! She must be a growing girl!! LOL

The Schultz Family said...

How fun! She looks so big. I was given the opportunity to use my sign language with a deaf couple. They were asking questions about Jenna and I could answer them! I was amazed at how much I still remembered. Although when they asked me if I knew sign I sign back "A Little" then tried to say I teach my children and instead I must have said I am a teacher. Woops! Oh well, it has given me the encouragement to learn more!