Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Master Closet

2 saturdays ago Kory decided to start working on our master closet. I helped him take everything out and went in search of my camera. When I found it he had already taken the shelve down so this is the only before pict. I have. You can see though where the shelve was. This shelve ran along along 3 walls with a hanging rod underneath. The 1st week we moved in one of those rods snapped in half.

Not having a garage everything that would normally be placed in there found its way to our closet. This is what our bedroom looked like after everything was taken out of the closet. We also had a pile on the other side of the bed that's been there since we moved in and another pile of stacked containers/boxes in another corner.
Last thursday Kory brought home the boxes with the face frames on and installed them that night. Friday he brough home the shelves that go inside the boxes. Saturday he finished installing the rods and the shelving that goes on the very top. And then last night (monday)he installed our built in dresser drawers.

All thats left is to buy the drawer fronts in a few weeks when we've got a little extra money. But for now it's done. Our bedroom almost looks empty without all the boxes ligning each wall and stuffed into each corner. Our closet isn't very big so I had a hard time taking a good picture of everything but you can see what a difference we have. Before we couldn't fit everything in there and now we can amazingly. In fact we have one shelf and one drawer that is empty. I'm sure it won't take to long for something to go there. Everything is organized. Most of everything has it's own place. My birthday was last friday and this was one of my gifts. My other gift is a belly dancing class that starts on Feb. 16 for 6 weeks.


Camille C. said...

I am so jealous!! Our closet it just like yours- its' a pretty good size but just has one shelf and bar that wraps around the 3 sides. I want to do a custom shelf and drawers just like that. Everytime I go to Home Depot I go look at the closet stuff.....He he
Anyway, looks great!!

Schultz Family said...

Yes finally. I am so happy for you!!

Camille C. said...

cute new page! I love the picture of the kids too- way precious!