Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hunter's birthday party

Saturday Hunter had his 1st birthday party. Boys only! We invited every boy from his primary class, the class above his and the 2 boys I babysit. 14 kids were invited and 12 of them came. I couldn't get some of the kids out of the bedroom to take a picture of everyone so this is the best I got. Hunter wanted a TMNT party so this was his cake. It turned out very well I thought. He was thrilled so thats all that counts.

Last year every store had something to do with the TMNT's. This year I couldn't find anything and wasn't willing to spend what the stores wanted online for shipping. So I used my imagination and got creative. This game was pin the eye on Leonardo.
This was a relay race hitting a balloon with a foam sword across the room and back.
I didn't get a picture of the kids throwing ninja stars at pop bottles but that was our 3rd game. We served pizza and green ooze (green punch). All the boys got to pick a bandana that was in the colors of the turtles. They were all sent home with their bandana, a foam sword and a bottle of ooze (homemade silly putty). Overall the party was a big hit and everyone had a good time.


Camille said...

what a fun party!! He looks like he's having the time of his life in the group shot!! :)
and your cake is really good too!
TELL HUNTER..... I AM SO SORRY, HIS CARD IS IN THE MAIL! I kept forgetting and forgetting to get his gift and mail it, I finally decided I'd send a gift card and he can pick out his own present (and costs less for shipping- LOL)
You should have it by thurs or fri!