Monday, August 10, 2009

1st Day Of School

Today was the 1st day of school. Maddie started kindergarten. She was so so so excited this morning. She kept her eye on the clock and was on the count down. Emily and I took her to school. She ran to the playground, stood in line when the whistle blew and waved at me as she followed her classmates through the front doors. On the way home she told me that she was really good today and didn't talk too much (something we had warned her about). The teacher moved her because another little boy in the class wouldn't stop talking so he switched places with her. He got his name on the *sad face* but she didn't. She hopes to NEVER get her name on the *sad face* just like Hunter didn't last year. She was just BEAMING as she told me that she GETS to do homework tonight. She was given a poem to memorize this week and is just thrilled to do it. She loved her first day and can hardly wait till tommorrow. She must have had a really good time today and wore herself out. She was asking when she could go to bed at 7 pm tonight. She was tired. I hope her excitement continues throughout the school year. Hunter is a 1st grader this year. He SAYS he wasn't excited for school to start, but you tell me! He came into my bedroom this morning at 5:45 (that's right Camille, 5:45 am aren't you jealous) fully dressed with his back pack on and packed lunch consisting of a Capri Sun, small tupperware of cantelope that we put together the night before and a candy cane (yes isn't that crazy, we still have candy canes around). He came in EARLY this morning asking when I could take him to school. He was a little dissapointed to hear he had a little bit before I could take him. To help the time go by I had him help me fix breakfast and together we came up with some other items he could take for lunch. He loves to vacuum so I had him take everything out from under the kitchen sink and vacuum up all the mouse poo (Yes, we've got mice AGAIN!). I think I might be ready for our 1st pet. Definetly a Cat or two! He was thrilled to hear daddy volunteer to take him to school on his way to work. Daddy didn't park the truck he just dropped him off and went on his way. Hunter said he knew where to go and wanted to do it by himself, so daddy let him. I'm not liking this new independence stage.

Hunter was a little dissapointed that all of his LDS friends from last year were not in his class. He says his teacher is nice and he really really really liked eating lunch at school. His favorite part was he got to play outside 4 times. He too was quick to tell me a little boy in his class got his name on the *sad face* but not him. He was pretty proud of himself. Tonight he asked how many more hours till I can go to school. I think he's looking forward to another day at school. I'm hoping he'll sleep in just a little tommorrow!


Camille said...

that is so cute! They both look super cute and I love how excited they are. I can't believe he hoped out of the truck and ran off to his 1st day ALONE. Way to grown up. We made my mom walk us TO class every year on the 1st day up until middle school.

mandy politowicz said...

How cute are they!! we so miss you guys! maddies hair is so cute, it makes her look so big :(

Janet said...

I love all of your new posts and pictures. That was so sad about Jeff!
Thankfully all the other pix and stories were happy.

lundgrenville said...

Look at those cute little school kids. Glad they survived the first week, or rather that you survived the first week! In the meantime, how are ya?? Thinking of you lots lately! Your in our thoughts and in our prayers! Hugs