Wednesday, August 26, 2009

President Monson's Birthday

On Friday, Aug. 21 the special man turned 82. Happy Birthday President Monson! While reading through the friend over the past few weeks there was an article about our Prophet, President Monson. When asked what he wanted for his upcoming birthday he replied that he would like for us to perform an act of service. So what to do.... Our daddy had a softball game that evening and after many conversations with the kids we decided we would perform our service at the softball game.

The children made cookies all by themselves. I stood on the side lines telling them how many scoops of each ingredient they needed.

They all did a great job.
Brayden sat in his bouncer on the counter watching his older siblings. He wasn't sure he liked the sound the mixer made when it was turned on!

That afternoon the kids made a poster board. It said Happy Birthday President Monson. We serve you by serving others. That night during daddy's softball game the kids passed out their cookies and water to the team players and their families. They had a great time despite the 40 mile hour winds, dust storms and rain, which is why I do not have pictures of the actuall event. Despite the crazy weather that night our kids learned a great lesson about service. They are already talking about the different services we can do next year. For instance drop cookies off at his front door and run, weed his garden, vaccumn his bedroom floor when he is at the temple. We keep telling them what wonderful ideas they have and that we will make a final decision next year when it gets a little close. As my birthday approaches I think I'll be asking for an act of service from them!


Camille said...

Carlaya told me after church on Sunday that she learned that it was Pres. Monson's b-day. Sadly, this month has been crazy and our Aug. friend is still in plastic! Geesh! I just got the September one this week!
Great job Heaton family- what a cute idea to do with kids!

Janet said...

You are a wonderful mom, and what a great idea!! The kids are so cute!