Monday, August 10, 2009

Photo's by April

Saturday my cuties had an appt. with a dear friend to get their pictures taken. Saturday morning I realized of all days to get their pictures taken this was probably the worst. There was something noticably wrong with each of my children except Brayden. Hunter's lips were dried and cracking. He doesn't just lick his lips but his entire mouth. So not only is his lips red'er then usual but he also had a red scabby circle around his mouth. Luckily April was able to photo shop the circle out. Maddie played outside most of Friday with some friends. When Kory got home from work he asked what had happened to Maddie to cause her black eye. Not knowing what he was talking about I went to find Maddie. She suffers from allergies and being outside really caused some havic to her little eye. She did indeed look like she had a black, swollen, watery eye. Saturday morning the darkness was gone but it was still pretty red, swollen and watery. My one who loves to pose and have her pict taken suffered the most. The lights made her eyes water even more and when she smiled she said her eye hurt worse. We went ahead and tried but didn't get a single good one. She'd doing much better now and when her eye is completely healed we will have April do her picts again. Emily has several bites from mosquitos. She will not leave them alone and is constantly scratching them till they bleed. To stop this we covered the bites with band aids. She has 4 of the down her arm and refused to take them off for the picts. These pictures definetly tell our life story at the moment. I love Emily's grin in the above pict. This is so typical of her. We see this "new" smile of hers quite often.

These sisters are best friends.

I can't believe he's "6". He's not my little boy anymore.

Love the smile and the band-aids!

Look at his blue eyes. Aren't they gorgeous! He is such a cutie. He's 3months now. He likes to snuggle, sit up and he smiles and coo's when spoken too. He's growing fast.

Hunter adores his little brother.

I love, love, love Brayden't smile. Thanks again April you did an amazing job! I love them.
To see more of our cuties go to my side bar to the Schultz Family. From there go to her Photography website. We are the Heaton Kids.


Camille said...

there may be little things that you can see- but I think these pictures are adorable! LOVE THEM all!