Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Home Evenings

For Family Home Evening Kory and I decided we wanted to teach the kids "What We Believe". For our last 2 Family Home Evenings now we have had a short lesson on the Article Faith of the week. We help the kids understand it as best they could, do a project with it and start to memorize it. Each night at dinner we practice saying it several times. By the following Monday we hope everyone has it memorized. We have accomplished Article Faith #1. Tonight we did #2. Do you what the 2nd Article of Faith is?

"We believe that men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam's transgression."

After our short lesson on who Adam and Eve is I pulled out the paints and let the kids go. Everyone was able to paint there own picture. This painted picture is of course Adam and Eve, the tree of good and evil and the serpent who beguiled Eve. Before bed tonight both Hunter and Maddie could recite the Article Of Faith by themselves along with the 1st one. Next monday we will continue in order and do #3. As we get to some of the longer ones we may have to split them in half. Our goal is that after the next several weeks our 5 and 6 year old, mom and dad too will have memorized all 12 Articles of Faith. Repeating #1 so many times even Emily can say most of it. If you have any ideas for future Articles of Faith I'd love to hear them.


Netty said...

I LOVE this!!! When our Jackie turned 7, (she's 13, now) we decided that if she was going to be baptized the next year, she should know what we're supposed to believe. Every other day for family scripture study, we worked on memorizing the Articles of Faith. Just to keep things fresh, we still recite them for family scriptures every once in awhile. It's amazing how these things stick with you when you take the time to memorize them. Great job, guys!