Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The end of Fall Break

To end our great Fall Break that we had, we went camping. I brought the Bumbo to keep Brayden out of the dirt, so I thought, and so he wouldn't have to be held the entire time. The Bumbo was the first thing I unloaded. On the 2nd trip back I was amazed to see that Brayden had already had his first taste of dirt! It's sad, but I think he liked it. He kept going after it and shoving it into his mouth.

Emily loved the great outdoors.

Hunter and Andrew had a great time keeping our fire well stocked.
Daddy made us some great dutch oven dinner.

We went camping with our friends the Henlines. It was great camping with other people. It was great that the kids had other kids to play with while the adults were able to visit with each other.

Maddie had a great time helping to gather fire wood.

We went to Sedona and camped so that it would be a little warmer. After the kids went to bed we had 2 creeping visitors, "skunks". It was AMAZING. These skunks must have been used to people. In the above picture you can see how close the table and fire pit were to each other. Both skunks enjoyed a late night dinner under the table and between the table and fire fit. Our neighboring camping friends and Kory tried to get the skunk to leave by walking towards it without trying to scare it but the skunk didn't seem to mind as he didn't leave. Finally Kory picked up a few pebbles and tossed them near the skunk (not at it). Mr. Skunk didn't like this as he quickly turned his back towards us and lifted his tail. He didn't spray us thankfully but hissed at us for a moment and then continued to eat. Not wanting to get sprayed we left them alone and allowed them to forage what they could around our camp site.


Henlines said...

That was a lot of fun!! Especially the skunks! :) I need to get the pics from you...when you get the chance!! See you later.