Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hunter is our early riser. He usually wakes up any where between 5:30 and 6:30. When he wakes up he knows he can get on the computer and play games until mom gets up, usually about 6:45. When I get up the computer goes off and it's time to get ready for school. Last week while Kory was working out of town something woke me up at about 6. I didn't hear any noise but I could see that lights had been turned on. After several minutes and still not hearing any noises I figured one of the kids must have goten up during the night and had left the light on. I got up to turn off the lights and then hit the shower before I started the day. When I walked out this is what I discovered..... The night before I had taken the kids to our library. Hunter had checked out another book in "The Magic Tree House" series. Seeing how far along he was I asked him when he had started to read. He replied that he had woken up at 4:43 (according to his clock) and couldn't go back to sleep. He grabbed his new book and was pleased with himself that he was on chapter 6. It would have been nice to have his body get a little more shut eye but I was pleased he had chosen to read a book instead of playing on the computer. Hunter has really enjoyed reading this series. I'm glad he has found a book that is teaching him to "love to read."


Ruth said...

My girls LOVE those books too! We check them out about every week we go to the library and they finish some of them in one day! Happy reading Hunter!