Thursday, October 15, 2009


Look what we made today! It's Frankenstine. This week is Fall Break for Hunter and Maddie. I've tried to keep them busy and give them an enjoyable week. We have gone to the park 3x's and visisted our brand new upgraded fantastic library. We made a trip to JoAnn's so that I can start on the Halloween Costumes. We have had friends over and have gone to friends to play. It seems like since last friday we have gone somewhere everyday. Today I just wanted to stay home and do things around the house. The kids have been asking to do a Halloween project so this is what we came up with.

I took 8 pieces of newspaper and stapled them together around the 3 of the edges.The kids then filled this newspaper sack with crumpled newspaper balls.
Everyone put on their smock and we headed outside where everyone had a chance to paint. While he was drying in the sun we came inside and started cutting his features out of construction paper.

We brought Frankenstine in and glued him together. WaLa. I think they did a great job. He turned out very good!

Frankenstines hair is black paint, eyes, nose and scar construcion paper, his ears are popsicle sticks covered with aluminum foil, and his mouth is a red pipe cleaner that we had to hot glue on to make it stick. I think next week when we stock up on more newspaper we'll try making a round pumpkin. The kids want to try making a christmas tree using the same concept. I guess the ideas are endless. The kids had fun working together. Thats all that counts!


Our Family said...

Can I just say what an awesome and creative mom you are!!!!

Ruth said...

What an awesome idea! You're so crafty! I wish we lived closer so my kids could be crafty with your kids! Mine love to do arts and crafts too! I just don't come up with such cute things for them to do.

Sara said...

I hate you. You make the rest of us look lazy. I don't know how you do all this and school and baby-sit and are in the RS presidency. I miss rubbing shoulders with you.