Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ward Halloween Party

This past friday we had our annual fall ward party. Dressing up is optional but of course the kids jump on the chance to wear a costume whenever they can. Not planning on dressing up myself I allowed my children to talk me into it. Halloween only comes around once a year right? I bought this wig 2/3 years ago on clearance for $1.50 and eye lashes for $.75 or says the price tag. I hope I looked better then what the picture tells. I was quite surpised to hear my name read out as winning "The Most Funniest Costume". Somehow I seperated my pictures. This is the kiddo's waiting in line at one of the many games offered. By this time all the hats had been thrown into the car so they wouldn't get lost.

Daddy and Brayden.

The girls this year are both being Strawberry Shortcake. I wanted to make the older version of Strawberry Shortcake that I grew up with. Maddie on the other hand wanted to look like today's version. So here she is.
No wanting to spend a ridiculous amount on a store bought costume we went through their closet and drawers and found shirts that would work. I bought both hats at a thrift store and then covered them in strawberry fabric. When Emily heard what Maddie wanted to be she too wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake. So here are my 2 beautiful girls as Strawberry Shortcake.

Hunter originally wanted to be Ike from a WII game. Looking at Ike's picture I felt a little overwhelmed and new I didn't have time to pull Ike off with out spending an arm and a leg. Thankfully I was able to change his mind to Mario. Thanks to Wal Mart I was able to find an all red hat for just $1.00, and white gloves that is missing from the picture for also a $1.00. Using felt I was able to create the M emblem on the hat. We used eye liner to draw in a mustache. Hunter let me know this was his most favorite costume ever... At our ward party Hunter won the "Most Original Costume". He was pretty pleased with himself.


mandy politowicz said...

Their costumes are soo cute!! Haha I didn't even relize that was you until I read. That's awesome!!

Camille said...

cute costumes. I was dying at yours! LOL Too cute- not what I expected from you. ;)

The girls make 2 cute strawberry shortcakes and I love the mario thing. We saw several mario's while out trick r treating