Monday, June 21, 2010

Emily's Owie

This past saturday several families in our ward got together for a barbeque at a local park. We had great food, great company and the kids had a blast playing kickball. After the kickball game Miss Em' took a great fall off the platform of the swingset. I'm still unsure how she got so badly scraped but she sure did a great job. Even her belly and sides were scraped up. She cried and cried and cried. She was crying for Grandma and Grandpa, she was crying "I just can't do this!" (brought a smile to my face as I myself hasve said this about 4 times in my life. All of which have been said right before I was given an epidural.)
When we got home Kory had her lay on his lap so that I could put some Peroxide on her and a bandaid. Bandaids make everything better at our house. This tragedy was no exception.
Obviously a little ol' bandaid wasn't going to cut it this time. Her wound wasn't bleeding heavily but it was oozing. (I was suprised to disvocer how much smeared blood I had on myself when I changed that night.) I love my husband, he's such a quick thinker! Knowing we didn't have a bandaid that was going to work he suggested using a panty liner. It worked! I taped the panty liner to her back and she immediately calmed down and went to sleep. Today, 2 days later, up and down her spine is turning black and blue but her wound is healing. As long as she doesn't get tapped, hit, pushed, hugged, rubbed or back ups to a wall she doesn't complain. We went swimming today and I thought the cholorine might pose an issue but she didn't complain. Tommorrow morning she has Gymanstics. The past few classes they have been using big cushy items that the kids lie on their back and then do back flips over. Hopefully her excitement of another gymnastics class will be enough to keep her mind elsewhere when it's time to do these. I really think today's issues with her back was caused from being scared that it would possibly hurt. There is nothing WORSE then your child getting hurt and not being able to do alot for them. I would have traded places with her in a heart beat if I could have.