Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look who's "6"

This past friday was Maddie's 6th birthday. As with tradition for our family we had pancakes for breakfast. Maddie got to blow out candles and eat 6 whole pancakes! We had 2 of our dearest family friends come over for dinner and cake to help Maddie celebrate this big day.

"Littlest Pet Shop" birthday cake. The birthday girl was quite pleased. I got a big hug and a kiss for this cake. I'm glad she liked it. It was one of the most easiest cakes I've done and took less than an hour. I must be finally getting the hang of this cake decorating business.

She's not excited at all to open her gifts.

Her favorite gift was the "Littlest Pet Shop" house. These houses are $40-50 bucks. After Christmas my friend called from Sam's Club telling me they had this house on clearance for $20. This was still a little much for my pocketbook. Lucky for me my friend is great at negotiating deals and due to a much damaged/torn/ripped box she was able to get it for $15. Needless to say Madelyn was thrilled with such a gift.

Maddie had a wonderful birthday. We love you sweet heart!


Ruth said...

What a cutie!!! Fabulous cake too!!! Happy birthday!