Monday, June 21, 2010

Rumor has it....

It's true!! We are moving. This move is going to be bitter sweet. The kids rooms are stripped down to the bare necessities.

I have a pile of boxed items that has steadily been growing.

We moved to Prescott Valley in Jan. of 2003. We came because Kory had been accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautics. Our plan then was to live in Prescott Valley for the 2-3 years it would take Kory to graduate. We'd possibly stay for another year to build up his hours or move if he was one of the "lucky" ones who got hired right out of school. Seven years later we are still here. Once our children started arriving Kory's priorities changed. He dropped out of flight school, worked for someone else for a year and then we began our 1st business Wood Designs by Heaton Taylor.
After almost 2 years into the business our partners came to us wantingto move closer to family. We seperated and soon became Cave Man Cabinets. It seems over the past 4 years we have come to many "forks in the road" and have had to make some tough decisions. At each fork we have chosen to remain in Prescott Vally and continue to work for ourselves.
Like most with the economy we struggle month to month to stay afloat. We have decided that we need to make some big changes if our company is to survive in this current economic crisis that in our personal opinions won't be letting up any time soon.
And so this is the reason for our upcoming move. My parents built an awsome home about 4 years ago. Knowing tough times were ahead they were prepared and built a basement apartment into their home. All of us kids have known that we would be welcomed if need be. After much fasting, prayer and consideration of different options we have chosen to move home. The best part about this apartment is that it truly is an apartment. We will have our own kitchen, our own entrance, our own bathroom and bedrooms. We will be living downstairs from my parents but it will be our own place for the next year. We will continue to live our own lives.
We are moving to a place that our business's overhead will be quite less than what we have available to us here in Prescott Valley. We hope that our business will thrive with these changes. We will be keeping our AZ license and getting a UT license so that we can work in both states. We feel good, scared, anxious but good about these upcoming changes for our family.
Kory has work here in PV that will probably keep him here until sometime in Aug. Being school starts in Aug. I don't want to uproot the kids to a new school after just 2-3 weeks of school starting again. The kids and I plan on moving the end of next month so that they can get settled in a new home, get to know the neighborhood kids and make new friends in Primary. I want them to have familiar faces when school begins. We hope to have some of Kory's siblings come soon after to help load up the shop and move it to Utah.
This move is bitter/sweet. I have loved living in Prescott Valley but have always wanted to move closer to home. I miss not being close enough to participate in some of the family gatherings/ special occasions. When we lived in Utah we were present for each baby blessing, every baptism,extended family home evenings that my in-laws would put on, etc. Since we have moved to AZ we have missed more of these special occasions than I can count. We chose to bless 3 of our 4 children in our parent's wards to make it easier on our families to be able to attend. I am excited to be able to attend some of these special events. The year Hunter was born he had 7 other cousins born. Starting the end of this July all these cousins turn 8. The baptisms will soon begin with Hunter's nearing the end this next April. How fun to be able to attend all these upcoming baptisms becuase we will be living closer to family.
I will miss Prescott Valley. We moved here just after our 1 st anniversary. Our married life has been built here. This is what we know. I will miss our friends, our best friends that live across the street, our ward. Despite moving numerous times over the past couple of years we could never seem to get out of our ward boundaries. We've been in the same ward since we moved here. We are on our 4th Bishopric. We know EVERYONE in our ward. Between Kory and I we could name everbody and probably have a little story about each family in our ward. We love the weather here. We get a little of each season without the extremes. Our family has grown here. I will deeply miss Prescott Valley and our life we have had here. But it is time to move on and start a new chapter to our life.
Kory is doing a job in Utah tommorrow. Being the trailor will not be full with cabinets we decided to fill it as much as possible with items we won't NEED over the next few weeks. I've kept a small box of toys and things for the kids to do over the next few weeks that we are still here but have packed everything else. Kory is taking our 1st load to our new home. Ready or not here we come.


Lisa said...

Boo Hoo :( We are going to miss you guys a whole bunch! I can't imagine the ward without you and your family. We love you guys and wish you the best on your new journey!

Becky said...

Wow Tina, it's so hard to move when you love a place so much. It will be fun for you to be near family again though. We have loved being close to ours. Best of luck with your move and I hope things go awesome for you and your cute family!