Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day this year we did something a little different. We created (seeing it done by someone else on their blog) a recycled gift for our dad. Being we never buy IBC Rootbeer or Cream Soda and especially not in packaging like this the kiddo's were thrilled. Over a couple of days the kids were able to drink it all without our daddy knowing it. I rinsed and dried the bottles and then allowed the kids to fill them with some of our daddy's favorite treats.
Kory does NOT have a big sweet tooth so we filled the bottles with Pistachio's, Cashew's, Corn Nuts and his favorite sweet treat, Reeses Pieces. My kids insisted that daddy would like the licorice too but I think that was more for them. I let the kids pick pictures that best describes their Dad to help decorate the front of the bottles.
They did good! This really was a fun gift to make and it came from the kids. I allowed them to do most of it. They chose the treats, the scrapbook paper, the clip art and even got to help cut everything out using my paper slicers.
Good Job Kiddo's. What are we going to do next year?


Natty said...

so SO cute!!! It's amazing how behind I got by not getting on the computer for a week or to! Congrats on your move! And all the things you make are simply AMAZING!!!