Thursday, February 17, 2011


When Madelyn was about 2 1/2 years old and really starting to talk and communicate my mom mentioned how naisely she sounded some times. It sounded like she was talking out of her nose. I agreed but didn't know what to do about it and honestly I thought she'd grow out of it as she got a little bigger. What I thought might take a few weeks to outgrow turned into months and now a few years later, it still hasn't been outgrown. Along with the speech Madelyn is also quite the snorer. She can keep the house awake with how loud she can get at night. Madelyn also seems to suffer from a chronic runny/stuffy nose. She can almost never breathe out of her nose but breathes with her mouth open. It is extremly difficult for her to chew her food with her mouth closed. While sitting/standing next to her you can hear her breathe constantly. I can hear her breathing at night when she's asleep while I'm in a different part of the house. My mom has accused these problems to her adenoids almost from the beginning
My mom and I weren't the only's who noticed the naisely speech. She had primary teachers, her kindergarten teacher, a speech therapist and even her 1st grade teacher this year all mention her naisely speaking.
I have mentioned all of the above symptoms to two previous pediatricians and was told it was an allergy issue and just to give her allergy meds. I would do this, it would improve but then come back within a few days after having stopped the meds. The pediatrician's answer to this was to keep giving her allergy medication since it worked. It seemed she was quite a bit worse during our allergy season so I would. I would stop though after allergy season cause I didn't believe in keeping her drugged year round.
A few weeks ago I finally got around to establishing my kids with a new doctor. During Madelyn's appt., thanks to my mom's urging, I mentioned this to him and he thought that with all her symptoms it would be worth taking her to a ENT.
Visiting with Dr. Chase, the ENT, was quite informative. After discussing all of Madelyn's symptom's including the way this girl can sleep for 10-12 hours and still wake up crabby as if she didn't get enough sleep, a decision was made. Madelyn was scheduled for an Adenoidectomy. That surgery took place today.
Madelyn and I arrived at the hospital and waited in the waiting room for about 15 minutes before we were brought back to the pre-op room. We read the hospitals books and colored while we waited.
After Madelyn was weighed, measured, temp taken and a few other things we were left to wait our turn.

She was given a special gown to change into. She wasn't too thrilled with how short it was and the fact there was only 2 buttons in the back.
Unfortunately Dr. Chase got a wee bit behind. Instead of her surgery taking place at 11:30 it was about 1:00 before she was taken away. During our extra time together we read Junie B. Jones and Amelia Bedilia books, colored more and tried to watch some tv. Madelyn couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight last night. To say she was thirsty/hungry before surgery was an understatement.
We got a little teary eyed with how long things were taking and the fact we couldn't find anything decent on tv to watch.
After watching a cooking show and a few episodes of reality game shows it was finally our turn. My big girl was wheeled away from me.
I went to the waiting room anxiously waiting for the Dr. to come out. Just 30 minutes later Dr. Chase came and sat by me. His first comment was , "WOW, she had some HUGE adenoids." According to him they were so large they were actually growing into her nasal cavity. It's no wonder the girl couldn't breathe out of her nose, she snored and she talked naisely!
I then continued to wait until Madelyn came out of the anesthesia.
When Madelyn was brought into her post op room I was there waiting for her. The nurse gave her the 1st popsicle of many.
After her popsicle and her feeling more awake we got to get ready to go home. Her IV was taken out and she was able to change back into her own pajamas.

Getting dressed took a lot out of her. She didn't feel very well and got a little cold so we stayed a while longer until she felt like she was ready to leave.
When she was ready she got a ride to the car in a wheel chair.
She wasn't to impressed but her brother's comment was, "that's so cool".
The poor thing felt sick the entire way home. Lucky for the both of us we made it home without her throwing up in the van. For a few hours she stayed on the couch eating pudding and watching a movie.

Tonight, now hours later she's acting as if nothing happened. She's up and around acting like normal. The nurse told me that for several hours she may act normal but then she'd probably "crash" as all the meds leave her system. I'm hoping this "crashing" will take place tonight while she is asleep. My mom mentioned tonight as she was standing near Madelyn that she couldn't hear her breathe. Already we can see a difference. I'm so glad we had this surgery done for her. Now knowing it was indeed her adenoids I feel bad I didn't push it harder with previous pediatricians. Why it took so long to get her the help she needed. I hope she sleeps good tonight and her recovery will be quick for her. She shouldn't be in too much pain and the only real issue that other patients have had with this procedure is stinky breath for a few weeks while their body heals. Stinky breathe we can deal with. Especially knowing the not sleeping good, runny nose, snoring and having a hard time breathing days are over.
You were a brave little girl today Madeyln. I'm proud of you.


Our Family said...

Bless you heart Maddie, get well soon!!!

Our Family said...

Well I'm glad it went over smoothly. We all wonder why some things take so long and then remember that doctors are just human and can't possibly know everything.
Here's to her sleeping better and breathing a little more quietly...

Sheri said...

It seems Jamie may be next in line to get his removed. We'll know within the next month.