Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day!

It was a tradition when I was growing up that as kids we'd wake up to a decorated table on Valentines Day. There was always a valentines table cloth, a little treat for us and the table was sprinkled with conversations hearts and other little candies. I have continued this tradition with my children. I start them off with sugar first thing in the morning and then drop them off at school. I'm sure the teachers really appreciate this from all the parents.
A few weeks ago I was visiting our local Target and came across these mail boxes in their dollar section. I needed something new this year to keep all the kids goodies in and so decided to go with these. I love em'. They will last for many years to come.
Each mail box was filled with a few pieces of candy along with a fun Valentines Day straw.
Last year I came across a package of heart shaped straws and bought them at 90%off. I HATE straws. We can go weeks without any spills at the table but if I let the kids use a straw it's a guarantee there will be a spill. I HATE straws and I hate the mess that inevitably happens because of them. Needless to say the kids were quite excited this morning when they saw there new straws. They could hardly believe that Mom was going to allow them to use them all day long. Lucky Kids.

Breakfast didn't turn out quite as planned this year. Somehow we used all the eggs over the weekend without knowing it. When I went to make breakfast I couldn't. And so we had cold cereal with heart shaped cinnamon toast instead.

Emily wanted a picture of her drinking out of her new straw.

For dinner tonight the girls helped make heart shaped breadsticks.

Along with a heartshaped pizza
and pink lemonade.
(Brayden's been on an antibiotic for 15 days now and still isnt' feeling well.
Just look at those poor eyes.)
Yum.. Yum..

For dessert after Family Home Evening (a lesson on love of course) we each had our very own warm, right out of the oven, heart shaped brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top.
Mmmm mmmm mmmmm!
I bought these foil heart shapes years ago wanting to use them in one my kids class rooms at school. I thought they were cute with perfect perportions for little ones. The package only came with 24 hearts and in previous years my kids classes always had more then 24 kids. It just wouldn't be fair not to have one for each child. I was hoping to use them this year in Hunter's class. However, no homemade treats are allowed in Utah schools. Figures! So I used them tonight and suprised my kiddo's. I love em' and they loved em'. I'm definetly going to look for some more this week and save them for next year.

Madelyn wanted to shine her heart out to everyone. Wishing them a Happy Valentines Day!