Monday, February 07, 2011

JC Penny's

This past week my mom mentioned that JC Penny's was going to be having a sale. Being she has one of their cards she gets to go a day early but get the same deal. If her transaction was over $50 she would get $10 off. Wanting to get the $10 off all of us girls went together, Mom, Me, Madelyn, Christina, Hanna and Sheri met us there too. Suprisingly they had awsome deals for my girls. I bought a total of 17 shirts between both girls. Some were short sleeve for this coming summer but most were long sleeve for next winter. Along with there shirts I bought myself a new pair of matching pajama's. This is a picture of all of Madelyn's new shirts with my pajama's. I had already put Emily's in the storage bin for next year. The majority of the shirts ended up costing me $2.09. My pajama's were the most expensive at $5.35 but that was both the pants and shirt.
The checker was an awfully nice guy and let us use mom's card several times to get the $10 off.
My total came to $53.11 barely getting me that $10 off leaving my balance at $43.11
I saved a total of $213.73!
I love these kind of sales.