Monday, February 14, 2011

Is it Summer?

Starting Thursday afternoon of this past week Hunter has been asking me to take him to the school just for fun, he wanted to play on the playground equipment. Despite the farely nice day we were having I told him we couldn't go after dinner because it would be too cold. Saturday after lunch we finally made it to the school.
Hunter and Madelyn had a blast showing off to mom and the younger kids.
Last time we went to play at the school Emily was to scared to walk the bar by herself. She was quite proud of her bravery this time to do it by herself with no help.

Brayden was excited to get out of the house.

We all had fun running, jumping, yelling, stretching, laughing and just getting the wiggles out. It has been way to long since we've had such a nice warm sun shiney day.

There is a reason this little town is called Hurricane. It is always windy. These past few weeks has been nothing but terribly windy and cold. We have all stayed inside as much as possible. Saturday was a great day at breaking everyones cabin fever. It was not HOT as Madelyn claims it was but very nice and warm. It was a sun shiney day with NO wind. I'm tired of the sickenss going around, the cold, the ear aches and all the runny/stuffy noses. I hope the cold is gone and more sun shiney days are ahead. I am so ready for spring. Bring on the warmer weather.