Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cutting Wood

It's that time of year again.
Wood cutting to keep us warm all winter long.
We've been told by the "old timers" that is going to be one "dozey" of a winter. Apparently with all the rain we've received this summer it's a sign of being a lots of snow kind of winter. Yeah for us! So glad this will be our last winter here. Really hoping we'll be in St. George for the next one. 

One particular nice, sunny, Saturday morning we headed up to the mountain. We came across this old tree that had fallen over. Kory decided we'd start off with it.

While dad sharpened the chain saw this kids had fun climbing all over the tree's branches.

Kylie fell asleep during our short drive. When she woke up she decided her pig tail's were just no fun. So she pulled em' out and looked liked this for the rest of the day. 

 The kids and I explored a little bit while waiting on our dad. Down the hill a little bit we came to one of the Hunter's local spots. This kids had fun climbing up to the look out chair

and playing in the now empty watering hole.

It was a great day. So glad we came home with lots and lots of wood.

We've gone wood cutting twice more since and are so glad we are finally done. Our porch is full of wood and if need be we've got lots out in the shed as our emergency pile. Hope this winter isn't going to be as bad as everyone's saying it's going to be.