Friday, April 25, 2014

2013 Family Pictures

Last August I asked someone local to take our family pictures. We were finally able to make our schedules match up and had them taken in October. I was charged a $50 sitting fee and then $10 per picture, no cd and no unedited picts. There were several that I really wanted, some of the girls, some of the boys and some cute ones with Kylie and her Daddy. Kory wasn't employed at the time and was a full time student so I didn't have the funds to pay $10 per picture. I decided to just order one picture of each of us and a family picture. And than I waited and waited and waited. I finally got them in mid February, yes only 4 months later! 

Hoping one of my best friends may take them later on in the year. It would definitely be worth the trip back to Arizona. 

Hunter at 10 years old.
Loves to read, play basketball, baseball and rip sticking. 
Loves to be outdoors. 

Madelyn at 9 years old.
Loves to write and draw.
She loves to play basketball and volleyball.

Emily at 7 years old.
Loves to read, play with friends and ride her bike.

Brayden at 4 years old.
Loves pre-school, riding his bike and playing at the park.

Kylie at 15 month old.
Loves her daddy!
She likes to color with her older sisters and look at books. 
She will sit at the table for almost an hour at a time playing with play-doh.

Our Family 2013