Friday, April 25, 2014

Madelyn and Softball

I've told my kids that they can play any sport but only one sport at a time. Since Madelyn is currently playing volleyball she wasn't going to play softball. However after sign ups I was contacted and told that softball wouldn't start until the end of April or first of May, after Volleyball. They were a bit short on players this year so Madelyn decided she'd play after all. I think someone made a mistake while looking at the schedule. This young lady has been playing volleyball and softball for almost a month now! She's gone every day except for Friday's at one practice or another. Thank goodness volleyball will be over this week.

Madelyn had her first ball game last week in sunny and warm Kanab. However the wind picked up and it quickly went from warm to cold. None of the parents and families were prepared for the sudden change in weather. We were all huddled under a blanket trying to keep warm and away from the wind.

She did good. She's got a great arm.

The other teams pitcher was TERRIBLE. But I understand these girls are young and just learning. The balls went sky high or were grounders 3 feet before the ball reached the girls. Most of our girls ended up walking because of the balls including Madelyn. She was a little disappointed that she didn't hit the ball but she really didn't have the chance.   

Playing outfield! She loves it out there.
 She'd prefer to play outfield than hit the ball. She's seen other girls get hit with the pitch and I think she's a little scared of the ball now.  Hopefully she'll overcome this. 

Madelyn was suppose to have a game last week but her coach's father unexpectedly passed away. Can't wait to watch her in the next game. Hope she has fun!