Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

Our family spent Easter Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's house this year.
The Easter Bunny found us!

As with tradition our Easter Bunny brought new socks, a new book and a quiet game/toy to be played on Sunday.
Emily was thrilled with her new chapter books. 
Her Sunday quiet toy was a dress-up princess magnet box.

 Kylie was quick to find the hidden candy in her basket.
She got a new board book and play-doh, her favorite! 

 Brayden loves to sit and try to read books. He was excited to find his book about a chicken that was his very own. This kid really loves TMNT and could hardly contain his excitement about these new socks.
His socks came in a package of 6 and he wore all 6 pairs that 1st day. I had no idea until the next morning when I asked him to change his socks and he pulled them each off one by one. Silly Boy!
His quiet toy was a little box of lego's.

Madelyn also received a new book, the first to a new series she's wanted to read.  She loves her bright and colorful crazy socks. Her quiet toy was a new family game, Spot It! We spend most of our Sunday afternoons playing games. She was excited for the new addition to our collection. 

In a house full of people and trying to get everyone ready for church that starts at nine, I missed taking a picture of Hunter. He to received a new book, new socks and marbles for his quiet game. The kids have had so much fun with this. I've had duct tape circles all over my kitchen floor all week while these kids play different games using marbles. 

After church and lunch we had a HUGE Easter egg hunt. There were a ton of eggs for everyone!

Uncle Jason was the guard at the door. At his signal they all came running out! 

Miss B. excited about her egg. 

It was a warm day outside and the kids all found a spot to sit and go through the hoard of eggs and candy they found.

Uncle Jason blew bubbles for the "little's" on the porch.

Kylie enjoyed trying to catch the bubbles.

Brayden found a lady bug in Grandma's grass.  

We had a great Easter weekend spending time with family.