Friday, April 25, 2014

Hunter turns 11

It's hard to believe this little man of our's has been part of our family for 11 years! 
How did this happen? Where has the time gone?
 He let us know that in just 7 years he will be leaving on his mission. 

Hunter is currently in baseball and has a late practice with Madelyn having her practice right before him. Wanting all the family to be home to celebrate we woke everyone up at 5:45 am. Despite the earliness of the hour everyone was more than willing to jump out of bed for a birthday party. 

Hunter loves to read. For quite sometime now he's been asking for a bean bag of sorts that he can sit in it and read in his bedroom. This was a total surprise and he loves it!

Really surprised about the Hobbit Lego's. 

                    Hunter also asked for some new clothes. Really?? A boy wanting new clothes? 
    So we picked him up a few new shirts and a jacket. He also got a swinging baseball that connects 
       to a pole so that he can practice his swinging with out having to have someone throw him a ball.
                                                                 Best $25 present ever!

We have a long time tradition of having pancakes for breakfast. Hunter should have had 11 pancakes all stacked up with 11 candles on top. However, this kid really does not like pancakes. So I caved, and made him his favorite, a breakfast burrito. We tried to have the eggs hold the candles. Yeah.... didn't work very well. But he loved it still.

Later that night after everyone was home safe and sound we broke out his requested raspberry cheesecake. I really wanted to make a cake but he doesn't care for that either!

                              It was the best cheesecake ever, according to the birthday boy.


With having baseball practice in the evenings it gets cold. Not cold enough for his big heavy coat because he runs around and gets hot but cold enough that he needed more than just a long sleeve shirt. When I saw this jacket on clearance I thought he'd like it. I thought the "crazy" face would be on the back of the hood not the front. He loves it! The eye part is made out of mesh so that he can still see out of it when it's zipped up. His teacher thought it was pretty cool too! She kept having him zip it up to show it off to the other faculty members. 
Happy Birthday 
Love you!