Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Baking Fun

Some of my greatest memories of my childhood at Christmas time are of all the treats we made. I can still see the counter full of plates with all sorts of goodies. Some that we made and others that were brought to us. I loved having all the choices. It has somehow become tradition in our house that when school finally gets out we start our baking and treat making. Hunter's favorite treats to make are dipped pretzel sticks. He made the carmel, dipped them and then dipped in melted chocolate. Some he left plain and others he sprinkled with red and green sugar crystals. They turned out great!

Emily and Brayden love to make our pretzel bites. Small pretzels with a rolo and 
a m&m or pecan on top. 

Kylie loves to help crack our pecan's. We used lots of pecans in our sticky chex mix treat this year. 

While I made some yummy cinnamon rolls Brayden and Emily made some teddy bear's, a doll and duck shaped rolls for lunch.

Kylie likes helping roll out the dough

Madelyn made her Santa shaped bread again this year. 

 I must have been busy helping everyone this week. I didn't get a single picture of any of our finished goodies. I love the memories that were created.We made lots, we had lots and we enjoyed them all lots.