Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve has finally arrived!
I love tradition's and my kids and I both love this one.

Even though the the bigger kids know whats inside there is still excitement in the air. 
New pajama's!

Some year's my kids have matching pajama's and some times they don't. This year thinking it's my last time I can probably get away with it I tried really hard to do matching pajama's. 

Emily was thrilled with her pajamas that match big sister, Madelyn.
Brayden was excited to have pajamas that match big brother Hunter. 
Hunter was thrilled with his Christmas zombie pajama's that he didn't care they matched. 

Kylie fell asleep before leaving Grandma's house earlier. It was my opinion to let the 2 year old sleep through the festivities but I was out numbered. It took everyone's help to wake her up. Despite my effort I could not find the same pajama in a size 10/12 and a 2T. So this year Kylie had a one of a kind without matching anyone.

 When everyone had changed into their new pajama's we played our Christmas Eve games. Madelyn loves the stick game.
Madelyn and Hunter

Emily and Brayden

Madelyn and Brayden 

Brayden and Hunter 

Emily's favorite thing to do is our pyramid.
Kylie in typical 2 year old fashion who's been woken up too early did not want to cooperate. 
Daddy tried to help! didn't matter she just wasn't going to do it! 

So the kids tried other things. 


and more fun. 

And in the end she had a smile on her face. 
However, all she wanted was to sit next to daddy and watch!