Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Less than a week before Christmas I learned that the Tuacahn had been performing a live nativity since Thanksgiving. The last day of the showing was the Monday before Christmas. I thought this would make a great family home evening. Not knowing what to expect and knowing that I would be by myself with my kids I invited my sister, Sheri. She too would be by herself since her husband works on the night shift. Two moms and seven kids later we braved the crowds and the cold. 

The littles did great! The live nativity was about 25 minutes long. It was perfect in length to hold everyone's attention.
 Brayden, Jamie, Kylie, Brionney

Hunter does not like me taking his picture. If he doesn't hide his face he makes silly faces instead. He hasn't realized all the black mail he's freely giving me. 
Madelyn, Emily and Hunter 

We really had a great night. I am so glad we arrived 30 minutes early before the 1st showing. We were able to purchase our group ticket for $15 quickly. We then had to wait in line to enter the stadium for just a few minutes. We were close enough to the front of the line that we could almost pick whatever seat we wanted. The weather even cooperated. No wind and wasn't really that cold. It was a perfect evening. It was also a great way to remember the reason of the season!