Monday, January 19, 2015


Thanksgiving this year was a little different for our family. We were suppose to be with the Heaton side of the family for this holiday. However, with Joy and Karl on their mission we had "Thanksgiving" in October before they left. All of Kory's siblings were doing there own thing on the official turkey day so we did too. With my parents so close by we decided to get together with them and my unmarried brother and sister. 

While the adults were getting ready for the big feast Emily and Kylie played on the piano.

Uncle Matt had the honors of slicing the turkey. 

We had a total of 13 which is pretty small for us. My mom invited my Aunt Pam and her friend over for dinner since they were going to be alone this year. After dinner my aunt and her friend headed home. We decided to hang out for a few hours playing games and visiting. Following dinner GG came for a visit. GG Pa had to go offer his love and support to his sister who's husband passed away earlier in the day.

Brayden and Grandpa getting GG into her chair. 

GG and Emily 

Aunt Hanna and Kylie playing checkers. 

Grandma and Madelyn playing Yahtzee.  
Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. The kids missed playing with their cousins but they made the most of it. Grandma and Aunt Hanna were great at trying to help entertain them. We had a good day!