Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hunter's bedroom

Hunter's bedroom is just about finished. YEAH!! I painted the last 3 dinosaurs this past weekend. It was a fun project but boy am I glad it's done.
Hunter really likes his bedroom and thats all that matters.
This side was painted before we moved in. Hunters walls are nowfinished and he has a single bed (thankyou Lisa). I need to get him a comfortor for his new bed. The one I want is at Company Kids for $140.00 like I'll ever get it. It sure is cute though. Hunter really wants dinosaus on his comfortor to match his sheets. However, I've given up on a dinosaur comfortor in earth tones for a reasonable amount of money. I'm thinking about just a plain dark brown or green solid color. Time will tell I guess.


Camille said...

looks cute!! Love the new blog, I wanted something hallooweenish but mine needs the solid color behind the words and pics otherwise it's too hard to see.
Hunter's room is so cool- I bet he loves it!!

Lisa said...

WOW! That turned out SO awsome!! Wish I had the nerve to attempt something like that for Connor! You ROCK Tina!