Monday, January 28, 2008

Count Your Blessings...

I have been meaning to go to Wal Mart for almost 3 weeks now. I have several things I need to get that I can only get from there. I've been babysitting almost everyday the past couple of weeks and I just wasn't going to take extra kids with me. Kory went to Safford this morning so I've been telling the kids since last week that we would go to Wal Mart this morning when daddy was gone. My kids love going to Wal Mart and playing with there toys.

The kids were so excited. I loaded everybody up, started the van, looked through my rear view mirror and saw my back window. It didn't registar at first but I new something wasn't quite right. I got out to go investigate and this is what I discovered.

Due to the rain we received yesterday when we got home from church we parked on the road so the van wouldn't get stuck in all the mud. I didn't find a rock or a ball or anything that could have broken the window. I'm assuming the strongs winds we had last night blew a tree branch into the back window???
I called our insurance company this morning and lucky for us we have 100% window coverage and a zero deductible. While talking to them I also mentioned the little chip we had in our windshield, that happened almost 2 years ago, (which I didn't mention). I was told that a new back window and a chip repair would be done tommorrow and to expect a phone call from a local repair shop. When the repair shop called he mentioned the chip and said because the van is an 02' he'll just replace the windshield and claim it was un repairable. I won't complain. I am most definetely counting my blessings this morning. This isn't going to cost us anything, it will be fixed tommorrow and he is coming to me.

Game Night

Friday night we invited 3 other couples over to play games. One couple got a babysitter. I think we were all a little envious of them. They were the only ones not having to chase kids around. We played several rounds of Uno Attack. The first round we followed the rules and the game lasted about 20 minutes. The following 3-4 games we followed most of the rules but said you could play doubles and play it out of turn. The games were lucky to last 5 minutes with 8 players.
You have to play Catch Phrase when you've got this many people together. This is a game that splits the players into 2 teams (women vs. men usually). The men won the 1st round. The women the 2nd. And the tie breaker was the MEN.

That night we also played Egyptian Rat Killer. This is a card game that Kory's family plays all the time together. I don't get the name but it is a fun game.

We had lots and lots of popcorn and cookies to go around. Thankyou all who came and participated. We had a great time and hope you did to. Till next time...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Master Closet

2 saturdays ago Kory decided to start working on our master closet. I helped him take everything out and went in search of my camera. When I found it he had already taken the shelve down so this is the only before pict. I have. You can see though where the shelve was. This shelve ran along along 3 walls with a hanging rod underneath. The 1st week we moved in one of those rods snapped in half.

Not having a garage everything that would normally be placed in there found its way to our closet. This is what our bedroom looked like after everything was taken out of the closet. We also had a pile on the other side of the bed that's been there since we moved in and another pile of stacked containers/boxes in another corner.
Last thursday Kory brought home the boxes with the face frames on and installed them that night. Friday he brough home the shelves that go inside the boxes. Saturday he finished installing the rods and the shelving that goes on the very top. And then last night (monday)he installed our built in dresser drawers.

All thats left is to buy the drawer fronts in a few weeks when we've got a little extra money. But for now it's done. Our bedroom almost looks empty without all the boxes ligning each wall and stuffed into each corner. Our closet isn't very big so I had a hard time taking a good picture of everything but you can see what a difference we have. Before we couldn't fit everything in there and now we can amazingly. In fact we have one shelf and one drawer that is empty. I'm sure it won't take to long for something to go there. Everything is organized. Most of everything has it's own place. My birthday was last friday and this was one of my gifts. My other gift is a belly dancing class that starts on Feb. 16 for 6 weeks.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little Miss Piggy

Emily is almost 16months old. She is so much fun. She can often be heard saying mama and dada. She is finally starting to pick up on the sign language that we have been working with her on for so long it seems. She can sign thirsty, more, eat, cheese (her favorite), milk, cold, apple, candy, finished, shoes and ball all on a regular basis. We are still working on socks, cereal, crackers, dirty, juice, doll, thankyou, outside and tired.

I am so glad she has learned these signs that she uses daily. She is completely weened now and it seems this girl is always hungry. Instead of both of us getting frusturated not knowing what she wants, she uses some of her signs and we can usually figure it out quickly. Even daddy's getting the hang of it again. She is always signing eat cheese or eat apple. Sunday after church, not 20 minutes after she had eaten 2 bowls of rice, several green beans and 1/2 a cucumber she started signing she wanted to eat an apple. After eating 1/2 the apple by herself she came up to me and started whining. I asked her what she wanted and she signed, eat -more- apple. This was the 1st time she used 3 signs consecutively. It was almost a complete sentence. WOW! We need to teach her the sign for please.

This morning at breakfast she was chowing down on a bowl of fruit loops. When I was done with my cereal I left my bowl on the table and started to empty the dishwaher. She put some of her cereal in my bowl and was eating out of both bowls using both spoons. Hunter wasn't quite done with his cereal when he decided to use the bathroom. When he came back she had pulled his bowl towards her and was eating his Kellog's Mini Wheats that look like they had been super-sized.
After she tasted the mini wheats she refused to finish her fruit loops.

After Emily ate 3 of these super-sized mini wheats after she had finished off Hunter's cereal, I thought she'd be done. Maddie was feeling a little left out so she filled her empty bowl with Honey Combs and gave it to Emily. I didn't think Miss Piggy could eat anything else but she finished that bowl off too.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

We're Back...

Kory needed to finish his sister's job in Utah. So for the past week we've been hanging out there. It was great to see the kids be able to play with their cousins for several days. They all got along great and had a really good time. For New Year's Eve we went over to the church. Several tables were set up with different board games, a movie was playing in a different room and their was lots and lots of dancing. Maddie loved the dancing part. Her and I were out on the dance floor for most of the night. Around midnight breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage was served. Following the early morning breakfast we went back to Grandma's and went to bed.

Tuesday late afternoon we loaded up 7 kids and 4 adults into Uncle Dustin's truck and headed up to the feed yard to go tubing. Uncle Kevin and 5 of his kids were already there having a wonderful time. My little family finally made it to the top of the hill for our turn. There was one huge tractor tube available so Kory thought it would be fun for all 5 of us to go down together. We all climbed on, Uncle Dustin gave us a push and down the hill we went. After what seemed like just a few seconds I realized we were headed towards a patch of dirt that was no longer covered by snow. The next thing I knew I was laying on my stomach, face in the dirt and I could here my 3 children screaming. I couldn't move. Grandpa Heaton (Kory's dad) was by my side and helped me turn over on my back. I still couldn't move. I have never had the wind knocked out of me before. What a feeling that is. In just a few short seconds it seemed all the grand kids were hovering around us and all I could make out was there was blood on the ground and Hunter was pretty beat up. With help we were loaded into a truck and rushed back to Grandma's to assess the damage. The very short trip back to grandma's Maddie kept saying, "Mommy you have blood on your face and so does Hunter"over and over. Grandma took Emily who thankfully didn't have a scratch on her. Kory (whom also wasn't hurt) washed Hunter and Maddies face, while this Mommy was laying on the floor trying to keep consciousness. When I tried sitting up I very quickly became lightheaded and nautious. I was put on the couch and was checked several times to make sure I didn't have a concussion. My entire body was throbbing, and my head felt like it was on fire. It was a horrible feeling to hear my children crying and asking for me and not being able to do a dang thing about it. After a couple hours of Daddy and their grandparents consoling them they were playing with Grandpa once again. Hunter by far looked the worse. He had a nice gash on his forehead with several scratches and cuts all over the right side of his face and 2 fat lips. Maddie had a skinned chin. Mommy ended up with 3 Goose Eggs on her forehead and what looks like road rash, a bloody nose, and a very sore body.

Grandma Heaton took this picture a few hours after the mishap.
2 days later this is what the kids still look like.

Maddies chin looks a lot better. She no longer complains it hurts until she bumps it.

Hunter's face is still very tender. He cried this morning while changing his shirt. He keeps asking when all his owies are going to be gone.

Mommy is down to one goose egg, my skinned forehead is almost healed. It looks very similar to Maddie's chin. I'm hoping by Sunday it'll be healed completely. The right side of my face is still very very tender. It doesn't look swollen anymore but it still feels like it's swollen. My back is very sore. It hurts to carry or pick up anything and I feel very stiff. But we are ALIVE with no stiches needed, or broken bones. It could have been much much worse.

After a lot of talking about our accident and how fun tubing really can be we were able to convince the kids to go to Grandpa's pond that is frozen over. We had several small sleds for them to be pushed around on the ice with. They had a blast. After an hour at the pond we went up to the feed yard again. The kids were brave enough to go down the same hill as the day before but this time with no mishaps. They only went once but they did go. Kory kept saying we had to try to replace their negative experience with a positive one. I was to big of a chicken and did not go down. Maybe next year??? We then went back to the pond and by themselves they went down the small sloped bank onto the ice. They had fun and that was what we were hoping for.

What a way to start off the new year.