Saturday, March 22, 2008

3 Days of Darkness

Day 6) Three days of darkness 3 Nephi chapters 8-10

So I picked about 4 scriptures describing the destruction and darkness. I then told everyone that our house also received some destruction. We pretended that we didn't know where everyone was and needed to find them. I had put pictures of everyone inside a cd case so my pictures wouldn't be damaged and then scattered them along the floor. They needed to find all 5 of us and meet at the back door. They crawled around in the dark amidst everything that was in my tupperware drawer, several pairs of shoes, pillows, towels, and rolled up rugs. When all 5 of us had been found I read 2 verses of what Christ told the people while still in the dark by flash light. I then had a picture of Christ that I shined a flash light on and read when Christ told the people who he was.

These are pictures of the kids holding our family via the cd cases.

Next year I think I'll try blindfolding the kids. They weren't very interested doing it this year. After a few seconds in the dark all of our eyes got accustumed (sp?) to the dark and it wasn't to hard to see all the objects on the floor. I'd also like to made a cd of noises from the disasters mentioned in the sciptures like the thunder, earthquakes, whailing and crying of people. Have these sounds playing while I read the scriptures. I don't know maybe this would be too much. I would like to make this a little more real but not scare my babes either.