Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring is in the air..

The weather outside has been great lately. Spring is almost here. This past week we've been moving some dirt around in the front yard. We're trying to even it out a bit so we can tell about how much more dirt we are going to need. Hunter thinks he is go big. He likes helping dad with dad's shovels.
I came inside to get dinner ready and the girls followed. Completely dirty from playing outside they decided to be princesses while waiting for dinner.
My mom sent us home with Emily's dress up dress recently. When she see's Maddie getting her princess stuff on and she can't get her to help her quick enough she comes to get me. She holds on to my finger and leads me to her room and starts pointing at her dress.
It's fun to see how much Maddie and Emily are starting to play together.


Jonathan, Camille & Kids said...

oh that is so cute. I can't believe Emily is that big already. She is a little girl now. I bet they have so much fun. I kinda do wish Carlaya had a sister. She is working on us reall hard lately. She tells everyone she is going to have a sister and her name is Jessica.....? I told her I wasn't having any more babies but that maybe we could adopt, she said we have to because "SHE" is waiting for us. That kinda spooks me to have Carlaya tell me her sister is waiting on us..... :)