Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter cont'

After church the kids were quite anxious to get home to look at their eggs again. It was such a warm day they compared their egss on the porch.
They most definietly liked the candy they were given but their favorite was the money they discovered hidden in the eggs.
Emily didn't get money but she quickly discovered how to open the eggs by herself.

We were invited to a friends house for Easter Dinner. There was a house full of people with 5 families. It was great. Sara (hostess) took all the kids outside after dinner and had them color a picture of what Easter meant to them. The adults stayed inside and we all brought a short story to share with each other. It turned into a really nice spriritual moment for the adults. I think we could all feel the spirit as all the kids were outside. It turned out to be a great way to end our week long Easter experience.


Camille said...

that is really fun that you guys had Easter dinner with friends. I am glad you guys had a great time even though you decided to stay home. Undies is a cute idea in the basket! That would be awesome to get Emily potty trained. We are slowly introducing Noah into it. He seems interested in the idea of it, but now actually having to do it himself. But he'll sit, then wipes, then flushes. Just never does ANything!
Anyway, cute blog! Happy Easter!