Monday, March 24, 2008


It's Easter Morning. Our church begins with sacrament meeting at 8 am. I knew if we were to get to church on time I'd have to wake the kids up a little earlier then usual. So about 6:15 I started waking the kids up. Telling them the Easter Bunny had come and hidden their basketts (Kory's family tradition). It wasn't to hard to convince them to get up. We did make it to church on time too. Yeah!!

Emily wasn't to sure what to do with hers until her siblings showed her what was inside those silly looking eggs.
Maddie was thrilled to discover a package of new panties. Dora, no less. She was quite pleased.

Hunter was also excited to see that he too had received a new package of underware. Go, Diego Go!

Yes, that is new panties in Emily's baskett too. She is showing signs of going potty on the toilet so we're going to run with it. We've pulled the potty down and she loves to go sit on it. I meant to start her last week but I ended up babysitting 3 other children giving me 6 kids under 5 for almost 10 hours on a daily basis. I just didn't seem to find the time to really try with her. This week is a different story. Hopefully she can follow in her siblings footsteps and this won't take too long.

Hunter was potty trained by the time he was 2 1/2. I have a scrapbook page of Maddie sitting on the toilet with a little note that says, "Accident free at 21months". I remember starting with Maddie when she started nursery.

I'm currently serving in the nursery so Emily's been coming with me. If she hadn't though yesterday would have been her 1st day in Nursery. I can't believe my baby's 18months old.