Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Week Long Easter Experience

About 2 weeks ago I started contemplating how we are going to teach our children that there is more to Easter then the Easter Bunny. Hunter will soon turn 5, Maddie is 3 and Emily 17 months. They are still young but I have felt that this Easter we needed to do something different. Talking to many friends, family memebers and searching the web I have put together a week long of scriptures and activies. I thought I'd share as our weeek progresses.

Day 1) TRUIMPHAL ENTRY Luke 19:29-38
These scriptures tell of Jesus arriving to Bethany. The story goes that Christ tells 2 of his disciples to go to the edge of town and they will find a colt tied up. They should bring the colt back to Christ. Theres a lot more to this story but you'll have to read it yourselves. So for our activity for Day 1 Hunter and Maddie acted this story out. We tied their stick horse to the front door.
In Maddies words she was a "gurl dipal" (girl disciple).

I know they didn't understand everything we read and tried to explain to them but they got more than if we would have just read the sciptures aloud.


Camille said...

so cute! I am glad you guys have had fun doing it. We have read over your list and we have kept talking about it, but each night we forget till it's too late!! We may just have a big talk and activity about it this weekend. I am so not on the ball like you are! But way cute, I love all your ideas!