Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New outfits

Last summer about this time I made several custom outfits that I sold of Ebay. Etsy is a lot cheaper to list but I didn't have much luck with it. So over the past 2 weeks my sewing maching and I have been the best of friends. I have made several more oufits to try to sell. They have been listed on Etsy for almost a week now. I'll give them one more week and then I'll probably switch over to Ebay again. It's time consuming to make things but don't cost a lot. I've been able to pick the shirts up for under $3.00 on Kohl's clearance rack. The pants/skirts I either by at Good Will or use my girls pants. Fabric can be quite expensive but I only need 4-8 inches of a full yard. So even though the fabric may be $7.99 a yard at JoAnn's it usually costs me less then $1.00 per fabric. Madelyn loves the watermelon outfit. She is just now starting to wear 5T. The skirt is a size 6 and is still too big for her. If I don't sale it she'll be able to wear it next year.

I was able to bribe Emily with being able to feed the ducks if she'd cooperate for a few pictures. She did better then I expected.

This watermelon set is a 4T. Maddie could wear it but not for long.

This was Emily's favorite. It's one of mine too. She keeps telling me this is her school clothes. She *THINKS* she's going to school just like the other two kids.

I really like this one too. It's too warm to wear but it will be too cute this fall. The shirt says Miss Glamorous on the front with pictures of nail polish, earings, rings, etc. I was thrilled to discover fabric I already had in the same colors and same types of pictures on it. This is by far my favorite. I won't cry if it doesn't sale. I made a matching bow with the outfit but you can't see them very well in these picts.
As you can see Maddie got her hair cut. She loves it. She wanted her hair above her shoulders and thats what I gave her. I don't care for it as much. I miss her long beautiful hair. I miss the braids, pony tails and creative up do's we could do. On the flip side it is much easier for her to take care of by herself and a lot less tangles. Her hair grows fast like mine. Last summer we cut her hair to her shoulders. Before I cut it just 3/4 weeks ago it was just below the middle of her back. It won't be too long before I can get creative again with her hair. I still have Emily's to play with. She doesn't sit as still and for as long as Maddie did but she will with time.


Camille said...

they are all adorable. I love that you are able to match the pants/skirts so well with the tops you find on sale! I love maddies' poses! And her hair.....I can't believe she cut it. She is adorable no matter what but I agree with you- I LOVED it long!! She looks older with shorter hair! DId she have bangs or did you cut them?