Saturday, May 29, 2010

Achievment Day Cake

My good friend, April, a few weeks ago asked me if I would be interested in making a cake for a Mother/Daugther Tea Party for the Activity Day Girls. I was thrilled for another opportunity to make another cake. I love decorating cakes. I wanted to try my hand at fondant again. I feel pretty comfortable using buttercream icing but I really do want to get better with fondant.
I think the cake turned out pretty. It only took me 7 hours this time. I think I'm getting a little better and faster with practice.

One day soon I would like to be able to charge to make a special occasion cake (birthday, graduation, etc.) My Wilton cake instructor charges a minimun of $50 for a special occasion cake. When I was at Fry's last week I was looking at there cakes. There specialty cakes start at $35 and it wasn't to surprising that there wasn't a lot of *bling* to them but pretty plain. Eventually I would LOVE to get into wedding cakes. My little sister is turning 16 this year. I would love to make her wedding cake in a couple of years or maybe even my brother's who is currently serving a mission.
I have a little time for a lot more practice.


Ruth said...

Awesome Cake!!! I love working with Fondant! I did Elizabeth's cake in fondant. Not super easy, but a nice challenge! Great job! Maybe we should start a cake business! ;) I would make cakes for a living if I could too.