Saturday, May 29, 2010

Schools Out Let's Shout...

Yeah!!!!! School's out!! I'm just as excited as my kids. Hunter's 1st day of 1st grade and his last day.
He won one of the games at school and his prize
was his very own package of sun flower seeds.

Madelyn's 1st day of Kindergaten and her last day.

My kids look so clean and fresh looking on there 1st day of school this past year.
I guess I should have remembered to take their picture before I dropped them off on there last day.
The last day of school was "Carnival Day". The kids played games, ate treats, played with water and got there face painted all outside. Looks like they had fun.
When the aid helped my children to the car she warned me that my little girl was sad. When asked why the aid chuckled and told me because today was the last day of school and Madelyn had let her know she did not want school to be over. As Maddie was getting into the car one of her teachers came over and gave her a big big big bear hug. This teacher is retiring this year. She has been a teacher/aid for 30+ years and has worked in our school for 9. She was one of Hunter's teacher's last year and Maddie's this year. Our family loves Mrs. Frederick. Watching my little princess hug her teacher brought tears to my eyes.
When they finally let go of each other both Mrs. Frederick and Maddie had tears.
We wish Mrs. Frederick well in her retirement. She will be missed. Mrs. Frederick will always have a special spot in our hearts.