Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wilton Cake Classes

For the past 6 weeks I have been taking Wilton Cake Classes at our local Hobby Lobby. They were offering them 50% making each class $17.50. I've always made my own cakes for my kids b.days and have made several for friends b.days. I wanted to learn some of the tricks to cake decorating. I was really HOPING that this class would teach me how to use fondant. Of course the fondant course was in course 3 and I had to take course 1 and 2 first. So here is my 1st cake I made in class. The kit I had to buy was missing the writing tip that was suppose to come in it so I couldn't write a name under the rainbow. The cake looks un finished to me without this. When I got home I put the cake on the table and went back out to the car to get my supplies. When I came in I discovered that a flying ball hit the side (do you have flying balls at your house that no one claims to have helped it take off?). Emily was also sitting in front of the cake smashing my star tip icing.

This was the 2nd cake I made for class. I used it for Brayden's 1st birthday eating cake picts which I will soon post.
My 3rd cake we made roses out of buttercream icing and placed ontop. I must have forgotten to take a picture.
When Course 1 was over I signed up for course 2 and 3. Unfortunately only 2 of us signed up so the instructor had to cancel course 3 (the one I really wanted) and complete course 2 in 2 classes. So this was the only cake I made in course 2.
We were taught how to make all these flowers with Royal Icing, and how to use Color Flow(birdies are made of). It was fun. The last class we were taught how to do the baskett weave and then we were able to top the cake with the previously made flowers. The flowers need about 48 hours to dry before you can move them.

It doesn't seem to matter how many times I rotate this pict. It doesn't want to stay. So enjoy the great side view.
I loved the 2 classes I was able to take and am disapointed I wasn't able to take the fondant course. Wilton is changing all there classes and course kits to fondant (yes all 3 courses) starting in June. Talking to my instructor I learned she's really never used fondant before. She can teach the current course 3 becuase she had to teach herself and the instruction books are pretty self explanitory. She's having a hysterectomy soon and so during her 6 week recovery she will be receiving the new Wilton course outline for all 3 courses and be teaching herself how to use fondant. Being I have had more experience with fondant then her I figure I can probably do the same. The new course kits are now on the shelf. I about choked when I saw the prices. The lowest I could find was $34.00. The new course fees are also going up. I just can't justify $40-50 a class plus the $34 kits and all the little things that go along with it. Luckily at Michaels I found an older version of a fondant kit on clearance and was able to use a 40%off coupon making it about $8.00. I bought it and the manual and used it to create this.

I made this cake for my best friends little girl's 3rd birthday party. It was my 1st WHOLE fondant cake. I made some mistakes, I hope I know how to fix them for next time but overall I think it turned out cute. The top cake baked perfectly. When the timer beeped for the bottom cake I was changing a dirty diaper in my room. I had just peeked at the cake and saw that there was a massive air bubble in the middle giving the cake a big bump. Knowing if I let it cook a little longer the big bump would reduce in size my intentions were to let it bake for a little longer. After the dirty diaper I threw the little munchhkin in the tub, cleaned him up, got him out, dressed him went to check on the cake only to discover that my 5 year old thought she'd help me seeing I was otherwise preoccupied and took my cake out for me when she heard the beep. By then the damage was done. Hence the saggy look. Oh well! Now I am the proud owner of a cake saw and if this were to happen again I could make the cake even again quite easily. It's been fun these past couple of weeks making cakes. I've got 2 more cakes to make this week for different church functions. I'm excited to see the finsished product. Till then...


Our Family said...

I love the basket weave cake. Great Job!!

Kleinman Family said...

There is a blog that I LOVE and she is having a guest blogger teach about cake decorating, she covers fondant a bit. The blog is Maybe it can help you out. Yeah for CAKES!