Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Party!

Every year our Harkin's Theatre offers 10 movies for $7 a person. For me and the 3 kids it would only cost me about$28. Not bad. However when I brought home the flyer to show the kids they only wanted to see about 5 of the movies playing. Not wanting to waste our tickets and my time going to the theatres with kids who really didn't want to be there I opted not to do it this year. Instead there are a few of us who will be getting our kids together throughout summer and hosting a movie party for the kids. So I decided to host the 1st Movie Party yesterday.
We started off by having everyone make their own individual pizza. Everyone was given a ball of dough to form,
then they smeared pizza sauce and covered it in toppings of their choice.

I put them in the oven to bake. It was cute to see the kids gather around the window watching their pizza bake.

After the longest 20 minutes of there life it was finally chow time.
When lunch was over the movie started and I made a HUGE batch of popcorn. It seems as though everyone had fun.

We watched Astro Boy. What a cute movie. I liked it. This was one of the movies that my kids wanted to see through Harkins. It helped that my kids and there friends hadn't seen this one so it held everyones attention. We had a great time yesterday. Having a movie party every couple of weeks will help keep the summer full of fun!


Ruth said...

What a great idea! You're a brave woman.