Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Time

It's been a few weeks now but Kory came home for lunch one afternoon and started helping me in the garden. After a few minutes he asked what "that"noise was. Now our garden is next to our Air Conditioning Unit. For whatever reason even when the air is off the fan periodically kicks on and makes a low buzzing sound. All morning I was assuming "that"noise was the fan kicking on. After I told him what I thought it was he disagreed with me and started searching for the culprit. This is what we discovered. This tree is in the wash right next to our garden . The wash is not on our property just right up next to it. Both he and I started calling it a Beehive. Kory is allergic to bee stings and each sting the reaction has been worse then the time before. The past 2 times he has been hospitalized. Even though he knows what COULD happen he REFUSES to get an epi pen.
Not wanting my husband to end up in the hospital I called the city to see if maybe they could come out and move our new guests. When I told the city worker of our situation she said that until somebody got stung they wouldn't do anything about it. She asked for my adress and told me that they couldn't/ wouldn't help becuse we are technically in County.
The County's phone number was busy so I called our bug man and was told it would cost $150 to move a beehive. Not wanting to pay that I kept trying the county. I was finally able to get through to the County and was once again asked if anyone had been stung. If someone is stung then they'd "consider" coming out. Whatever happened to being pro-active. Why do I have to wait until someone gets hurt to get some help? The County gave me a different phone number to try which ended up taking me back to the City office. This different worker reccommended calling the Fire Dept. So I did... I explained my situation AGAIN telling them that as of now no one had been stung but that my husband had been hospitalized 2X due to a bee sting. The operator told me they'd send someone out.
Within 5 minutes these guys showed up. These firefighters were AWSOME. They were fascinated with our guests and just stood there for several minutes watching them. With the experience that they had they told us that we didn't actually have a beehive because we can see the bee's. If it was a beehive we'd only see the hive cause the bee's would be inside. Well duh! that makes sense. So what we actually had was a swarm of bee's who could very possible make a beehive. However the tree they picked was small, didn't have a lot of protection and so would probably move on within the next 48 hours. If the bee's started to swarm closer to the house, showed any type of agression or stung someone (perferably not my husband) they'd come back and cream em'. So for the rest of the day Kory stayed far away, we made the kids ride their bikes on the road (not the dirt path next to the tree) and just didn't do any garden work. At dusk I went outside to see if they were still there and they were.

By morning when I left to take the kiddo's to school they were gone. Our only disapointment was that I didn't call the Fire Dept. a little later. Since it wasn't an emergency I figured they'd come by sometime later. I didn't expect them within 5 minutes. After they left, I left to pick up the kids from school. I'm sorry they missed all the action!