Wednesday, July 07, 2010

16 days to go....

We are moving in just 16 days. As I've mentioned before this move is going to be bitter/sweet. When we started telling people we were moving we asked around if anyone would like a few of our prized possessions that we will not be taking with us.
The first being our chicken coop. We've had chickens/ducks for over a year now. My baby is OBSESSED with our only pets. When Brayden gets outside he would crawl now walk to the coop and start knocking/grunting and then cry at the door until someone opened the door. He would stand at the entrance all day if I let him. Most afternoons we would let these little guys out to roam. Brayden would just sit/stand in the middle and watch these little guys run all around the yard. Brayden loves these creatures. He tries to grab at them and hold them. Not once was he ever scratched or pecked at. Our realtor advised us to move the coop before we had our 1st walk through from an interested buyer. So this past saturday this is what we did. Bro. Cornwall brought his flat bed and his catipole mechanism to help out. 3 men, 7 kids and 2 moms taking pictures later this is what we had.
The kids were fascinated with the whole process. The 2 moms had their doubts if this was going to work or not but it did.
The roof stayed on, the walls didn' break, windows stayed intact. I guess they did know what they were doing.
The chicken coop was moved just across the street but becuase the coop was in the backyard the truck had to leave our place via the empty lot behind us and drive around the block.

What a site this was to see....
They did it. Once the coop was set up again it was time to move the chickens/ducks. That's the picture I'm so so so sorry I didn't take. It was fun.
4 days later Brayden is still tyring to figure out where his special little friends went. The other kids say they miss them too. Emily named one of the ducks "my sparkly duck" the rest of us called her
*Sparkles*. Hunter and Maddie will not be missing the collecting of the eggs, shoveling the coop, emptying the chicken bucket at least once a day, cleaning the waterer (you know all the WORK part.) They will be missing the money they got paid to do it. I recently found a little home market store that would buy our eggs and then resale them. We would get $2.50 for chicken eggs and $3 a dozen for duck eggs. I can usually take about 5-6 dozen eggs a month and still have plenty for us to eat. As long as Hunter and Maddie helped with the chore part we'd give them some of the proceeds.
Raising chickens/ducks have been a great experience. We will most definetly be doing this again one day.