Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Middle Of No Where...

The drive from Prescott Valley to Hurricane Utah is pretty blah. There's not much to see. The trip usually takes about 6 hours. The 1st 1 1/2 hours is to Flagstaff where your in the mountains, it's a little cooler or so it seems and there's lots of green to see. That 1st little part is by far the best of the trip. The remaining trip seems to take forever as there is really nothing there. Several years ago during these long drives when the kids would ask, "Where are we?" We would reply, "In the middle of no where."
On our trip here Maddie looked out the window and seeing this asked, "Mom where are we?" Before I could reply Hunter piped up saying,"We're in the middle of no where!"

A couple of hours later Emily asked, "Mom where are we?" Again before I could reply Maddie replied, "We're still in the middle of no where!"
The "middle of no where" seems to last forever.

Nearing the end of our long drive I decided to pull over near Lee's Canyon to let the kids get out and stretch their legs. We pass by these HUMONGOUS boulders each trip and have never gotten out to enjoy them.

A little cave to explore.

It was so hot!

Lots of red dirt.

Despite the horrindous heat with basicly no shade the kids had fun stretching their legs.


Camille said...

We've never seen those, I guess I should do more of "stop & see" when my kids are bored too!