Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Celebrating our Nation's Birthday!

Saturday we had a 4 ward bbq celebration on the church lawn. The kids got to wear their "party clothes" for the big event.
I wanted to get a nice, good, cute picture of the 4 of them together. All I can say is I tried!!! We are going to be having our family pictures taken soon and some individual picts of the kids. After seeing what I captured I'm nervous all ready. These kids are driving me absolutely CRAZY when I try to take their picts.
Brayden was having a hard time sitting in place so I gave him a prop to help out. Unfortunatley most of my picts now have him looking at where he rolled the ball or it's in his mouth. Brayden is the only one that doens't look like a dork.
The girls INSISTED on having to sit next to Brayden which I think throws the pict. off. It makes it look like Maddie was an after thought.

Hunter can't seem not to fill his cheeks with air when I say *smile*. Emily couldn't NOT fold her arms for the picts. And Maddie well it looks like she's a deer caught in front of a car's headlights. When she does smile it's so FORCED.

Maddie is sufferning from seasonal allergies again this year. Her little eyes are just so swollen and puffy.

My little Sparkler's...
My Boy's...
After trying to take just 1 good picture of everyone which ended up being a bazillion of not so good ones I gave up and we headed to the church.

We enjoyed lots of good foodand desserts.
The kids played lots of water games. Look at Hunter's cheeks. I didn't have to say, "say cheese or smile". I swear this kid is constantly blowing his cheeks out.

Emily was quite aprehensive with the crowd of kids. Her big sister took her by the hand and told her she'd stay with her. They were holding hands and had just let go when my camera clicked. I love capturing moments of my children showing each other kindness and love.

Brayden is feeling very comfortable on his feet and usually walks every where now. Brayden loves being outdoors and was very content to walk around and explore.
To continue with the celebrations we were invited to a friends house after church for a pot luck. We once again enjoyed lots of good food and great company (can never go wrong with bbq ribs).
I just loved the way she decorated the table.
Being this was a pot luck we brought a layered red white and blue jello salad along with a very patriotic dessert.

I enjoy making cakes every chance I get.

Be warned Grandma C and Aunt Hanna. Your birthday's are next Aug 4 and Sept 1. (Uncle Travis your birthday is in there to but my kids are telling me you don't like cake and would rather have a plate of brownies. Your not fun! Did you know this?)I've accumulated several Wilton cake books that are full of ideas. The kids quite often pull them out and talk about who's birthday should get what cake. So far your grandkids/nieces and nephew feel like you would LOVE a 3 tier beautiful red and white lattice wedding cake (Madelyn), Dora the mermaid (Emily) and a Circus cake (Hunter). Lucky for you I keep telling them to keep looking and that when we get to your house YOU get to make the final decision.
After our pot luck dinner we ended the evening with Sparkler's and watching the fireworks from our driveway
Madelyn tried to write her name. While Hunter loved making shapes.

Emily was to scared to hold one and Brayden fell asleep on the couch.
Happy Brithday America!


Camille said...

wow, I haven't been to your blog since your summer movie party post! I just read it fun! Moving news, ouchies, b-day parties, and so much more.
Sorry i've been so absent on the computer and phone. I've been so busy this summer I post some quick things from time to time but never check ANY other blogs. I'm trying to at least get caught up on family blogs.....