Thursday, July 29, 2010

24th of July

I love being in Utah on July 24th otherwise known as Pioneer Day.
On Pioneer Day in Hurricane the morning always begins with a parade that is put on by each wards primary of the town. The whole city is invited to come and participate even though the LDS church members are in charge.
Following the parade we head to the park for some fun and games sponsored by the YW/YM.We have relays beginning with babies and moving up to adults. This is my niece Elena who participated in the crawling baby girls.
Walking toddler boys was then next.
Go! Brayden Go!

Emily soon followed. Madelyn and Hunter participated too but theres was captured by video instead. They all did a good job and got a piece of candy for participating.

They had this AWSOME blow up water slide that Hunter just loved. They had stairs on the other side to climb up to the top or ropes the kids could pull themselves up to. They then got to slide down amongst running water. That is Hunter at the very top getting ready for his turn.

Madelyn's favorite game was throwing darts at the balloons.

Bean bag toss.

Ring the water bottles.

Another bean bag toss.
I loved this idea using #10 cans.
This was Emily's favorite game that she played over and over.
Every 15 minutes this candy canon would shoot off. It was crazy to see how high the candy could fly before littering the ground.

The highlight of the morning was the dunking booth. Hunter was thrilled that he was able to dunk 2 different people. He has a good arm.
After he dunked others he chose to stand in line to be dunked.

While sitting on the "hot" seat Hunter was able to squirt the kid throwing the ball as a distraction. It works! However eventually the enevitable does happen!

He loved it.
The best part of this day was that I had given each of my children $1 to spend however they would want. They all came home with there $1 as everything was FREE. They could have bought Otter Pops for $.25 however many of the game prizes were Otter Pops! So there was no need.
Oh how I love spending time at the park watching my kids be able to participate and play many many games for free.


Camille said...

they have lots of fun games, I haven't seen a dunk tank in a while. I love those!! LOL Pioneer day is fun...Panaca does a big or'deal too!