Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're Not Here Anymore!

The much awaited moving day has finally come and gone. The kids and I have moved. I knew this past wed would come much too fast. Don't get me wrong, I was excited to move. I am excited to finally live closer to family. To live close to our dear friends that Kory and I introduced to each other and got married just 6 months after us. To have grass. To be home again.
However I miss Prescott Valley already. I miss the weather. It was over 110 here today. It's hot. I miss my house. I miss my kitchen. (I started unpacking today.) I was sweating as I was moving boxes around the house. It's hot. I miss my garden. I miss my chickens/ducks. But what I miss the most is my best friend and her family. April and I have been friends since they first moved into our ward 5+ years ago. At that time it was just Kevin and April with baby Josh on his way. We invited them over for dinner, we hit it off and our friendship quickly blossomed. We have been unseperable since.
I miss my best friend.
I was going through the grocery adds this morning. How could I not think of April and tears came to my eyes.
I started putting the kids bedroom together and pulled out a baskett I bought from Hobby Lobby. Again I thought of April.
I was putting all my free toothpaste on its shelf in the bathroom and thought of April.
I passed by a box labeled "cake decorating" I thought of April. I am so sad that I will be missing Logan's 1st birthday. That probably sounds a little silly to most of you. I know Logan isn't my child but I think of him as one of my own. This is a mile stone that I have planned to be apart of since Logan was born. I think of all of April's kids as my own. I love her children. Today my children were ignored a bit as I was trying to unpack. They of course got a little bored and so I went to pick up the phone to call my best friend to see if her kids wanted to play.
Some friendships come and go but I know the friendship between the Heaton's and the Schultz will remain. I know it will change a bit and it will be different with distance between us but we will ALWAYS be friends. April will always be one of my most treasured friends. I snapped this pict. just a few days before we left of these 2 beautiful little girls playing.
Emily and Jenna are best friends.
I know it's only been TWO days but I miss you guys already!


Camille said...

I didn't think you guys were coming until this weekend. Wow, you're all moved. Sad. Happy you'll be closer but sad you miss your friends. WE only moved across town and I still had a hard time being farther away and in a new ward. Adjustment is so hard and not fun at all.
Here's to hoping you make lots of new friends sooN!!

Camille said...
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Our Family said...

sniff sniff

Sara said...

Tina, you're making ME homesick. I'm sorry. It's hard but you get used to it. I still definitely miss PV weather, though. Doesn't get much better than that. Good luck with all the unpacking. Hope to see you guys soon.