Tuesday, February 07, 2012

1st Month of Preschool

Since I was laid off several months ago, I have been trying to find another job. Living so far away from a city has made it a bit difficult to do. While working in St. George my travel time didn't bother me to much as I really loved my job, I enjoyed being there. Now that I've had a break from having a 4 hour commute to work twice a week I've decided that I really don't want to do that again. These past few months I've made many phone calls and was constantly looking on craigslist and But I still haven't found anything close by. Before Christmas Break I learned that my sister-in-law who was currently teaching preschool for our town was looking for someone to take over for her. I did have another sister-in-law that was talking about doing it but decided she liked the 3 hour break 2 times a week that she currently had and wasn't too sure about teaching preschool as she had never done it before. Being jobless I decided to give it a try.

I teach preschool every tue/thur from 10am-1pm. I've got 6 kids. Four girls and 2 boys. 3 of these kids will start kindergarten later this year and the other 3 will have one more year of preschool left. Brayden will be old enough to attend next year which helped me make my decision of taking over. Each week we learn a new letter/number and I try to pick a theme that correlates with that weeks letter.

My first week teaching we had the theme Ice Cream to go along with the letter I. Somehow I missed pictures of our ice cream party.
This is Rachel and Emily. They are cousins and are just 3 days apart!

I must have forgotten to take pictures during our J/Jungle theme week.

For the letter K we read books about kings and then made our very own crowns so that we could be king for the WHOLE week during preschool.

We also made a kite and talked about a few shapes.

Our letter L fell during the week of Ground Hog's day. On tuesday we talked about hibernation and learned about the different animals that hibernate. Thursday was Ground Hog's day so we made our very own groud hog and had it guess if we still had 6 more weeks of winter or if it was Spring. Being it was snowing outside during preschool every little ground hog decided we had 6 more weeks of winter, cause it doesn't snow in the spring!

Here's our groundhog treat.

This week is the letter M/Monster theme.

Today our snack was little apple monster's

We practiced writing the letter M, we wrote words that began with the letter M like: me, my, mom and monster. We read a silly book about monsters and for our craft? We made our very own monster to take home out of an empty tp roll and "stuff" from my craft drawer.

Who doesn't love monster's?