Thursday, February 23, 2012

24 weeks...

Yesterday I hit my 24th week mark. This past month has gone by so quickly. I wanted to compare how I have grown this past month so I'm sharing last months picture too.
Might be a bit bigger..... not much though.
I won't complain. I know I'll get plenty bigger over the next 4 months.

The CONSTANT feeling of needing to pee has subsided. I can almost go the whole night with only having to get up once to relieve myself. Yeah!! Although it seems like during those last few weeks of pregnancy that constant need returns. Glad I've got 3 months before I hit that again!

I'm not craving eggs as much any more but I still eat them for breakfast at least 3 times a week.
Green vegies are still my thing.
It was spinach and broccoli but now mostly broccoli or asparagus.
Thank goodness for Bountiful Basketts which is where I've been getting all these fresh veggies on a regular basis. My kids have learned to take all they want the first time the bowl is passed around because it will be gone by the time they are ready for seconds. I hope this baby doesn't come out looking green!

Madelyn has been able to feel the baby move. I am LOVING her excitement with this pregnancy. Hunter hasn't shown an interest in feeling the baby and the younger ones aren't patient to wait long enough. I'm excited to see what their reactions will be when she gets a little stronger and it's easier to feel her movements. I think they'll be hooked after they feel baby move for the first time just like Madelyn is.

My only pregnancy wo right now is how tired I can feel. During the middle trimester is the time that I should be feeling my BEST! I don't remember ever feeling this tired during any of my other pregnancies. This is definetly a first. At last months doctor's appointment I mentioned this and was told to take a multi vitamin daily. Not having any at home cause' I don't do the daily pill thing I went right out and bought a bottle. After just 3 days I could feel a difference. My fatigue was gone. This lasted for almost 3 weeks. Than.... last wed I felt like it came back and hit me with a vengence. It was bad! I got up that morning with my big kiddo's at 6am. When they walked out that door a little after 7 I went back to bed and didn't get out of bed until almost 10. I did my morning ritual but was still so so tired. I put Brayden down for a nap at 1 and slept another 2 hours with him. Kory came home early from work to grab a tool he needed later that night at 8p.m and I was already in bed for the night. I just felt exhausted. The next morning I went back to bed AGAIN after the big kids left. I got up a little after 9 only because I had preschool in less than an hour. When preschool was over I used Brayden as my excuse and went in to take a nap that I desperatly needed. Kory came home for lunch before I had dozed off and was teasing me about still being in bed. He asked if I was taking my vitamins? Huh???? Seriously, I don't know when it happened but I know it was just a few days before this sudden fatigue hit me that I had forgotten all about them and quit taking them. Since then I leave them out where I can see them and Kory's got the kids asking me daily if I have taken my vitamin's. Despite being annoyed by this it is working. I'm still tired but the kind of schedule we are living right now and everything on my plate at the moment I think this is to be expected. I can handle this kind of tired it's the other kind that I can't handle. This baby must be really sucking the vitamins out of me. With the constant daily reminders from EVERYONE living in this house I don't think I will be forgeting again to take my vitamins. It's amazing to me how much better I feel, how much more energy I have when I take one little pill daily. Not ever feeling like I was NEEDING a multi vitamin I'm assuming this need will continue through my pregnancy and probably while breast feeding. I'm thinking taking a vitamin daily just might become a daily habit for me. Possibly even for forever now.


Sheri said...

Do you take a prenatal pill? I thought it was a must for pregnant moms.